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About Juliann Dobeck ~


I started working with iron in 1989 when my father taught me the skills to become a welder. To hone these skills I then spent two years working for a metal art company and shortly thereafter I began to work on my own designs creating chandeliers and many other types of lighting.  


In addition to lighting, I've crafted unique pieces from fireplace screens to custom tables and garden art. I love my work and I'm always trying to incorporate new or recycled materials into each project. I have recently begun to add glass beads, native rock and woods into each piece.  Recycled materials are my first choice to use when creating a one of a kind piece. I've found that natures own handiwork can really add that special touch.


I also work closely with interior design professionals and individual home owners from Bozeman and the Northwest region to create truly one of a kind pieces of functional artwork. It is truly a joy to work with an individual to create unique pieces that reflect their lifestyle.  Please feel free to give me a call for all of your design and artistic needs.

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